Three Generations of Women Photographers

The exhibit “Three Generations of Women Photographers” presents a selection of works by Lola Álvarez Bravo, Mariana Yampolsky, and Cristina Kahlo.

The first generation is represented by Lola Álvarez Bravo who was one of the first women to make photography a profession in Mexico. She is also a mentor and teacher for artists and photographers for the next generation.

Mariana Yampolsky is a nationalized Mexican artist whose photographic work begins in 1948 in Mexico that documents the Mexican territory and registers the cultural diversity of the country, and in particular, the indigenous communities.

The contemporary generation is represented by Cristina Kahlo as one of the women photographers currently working. Through her photographic work she has documented different aspects of traditional celebrations in Mexico today as well as realizing an important body of work documenting the architecture in the country.