Summer Camps 2019 for Children Grades K-6

Frida Kahlo Camp
Explore the world of Frida Kahlo.In this camp students will learn about renowned artist Frida and make some beautiful crafts based on her work and her life.

Juegos de Aztecs / Aztec Games
Students will learn game the Aztecs played including Ullamliztli. Students will make their own Patolli board and bring it home.

The Quest for Mythological Creatures
Explore the world of myth and make-believe. Does your child like stories about el chupacabra, a legendary creature in the folklore of parts of the Americas and masacurraman,a mythological spirit native to Guyana, South American folklore? If so, this is the camp for him/her.

Time Traveling through the Arts
This camp will take a look at Olmec, Maya, and Aztec works of art. Your child will bring home his/ her own masterpieces based off these cultures. Your child will refresh their math skills in this fun hands-on making camp.

Exploring Animals
In this fun camp children will learn about the terrain of each country, the key animals of each country, their capital, and important traditions in Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia.

The Clay World of the Aztecs and Maya
This camp is all about clay! Our clay creating will teach children about how the ancient cultures of mesoamerica made their buildings. This camp will use math to look at how each of these structures were engineered.

The Maya World
In this camp we will look at the ancient Maya culture. We will learn about their sacred places- like caves, and aspects of their everyday lives.

Seeing Colors
This camp explores our new textile exhibit. We will explore textiles through patterns of each Latin American country, and the materials used in Pre-Hispanic Peru- like the llama!

Exploring Nature in the Aztec World
Learn how the Aztecs built their pyramids and decorated them through this hands-on learning camp. We will explore the uses of cactus and chocolate in this camp.

Summer Camps for TEENS!

Capturing Alebrijes
Did you know that the magical creatures that appear in the movie Coco were actually products of a Mexican artist’s fever dreams? In this course, students will explore the history behind alebrijes and will invent and sculpt their own alebrijes based on their own dreams.

Make Your Own Book!
In this camp, students will learn bookbinding and comic-writing techniques to create their own books. Making all voices heard is more important than ever today, and what better way to do this than through publishing your own point of view?

2019 Summer Camp
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